Horizon Zero Dawn’s 1st Anniversary – A Photomode chat with Roderick

Happy Birthday Horizon Zero Dawn! One year ago Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment released the third-person action-adventure Horizon Zero Dawn and Aloy has taken our consoles and hearts by storm. And what a year it was! A year of adventure and discovery, of challenging fights, of defining encounters, pure joy and success on many […]

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Quicktip #2: Experiment with Panoramas

Hello there! From time to time I like to challenge myself with new styles, subjects, genres and techniques of photography to become a better photographer. Currently I’m experimenting with panoramas. This has 2-3 different reasons: 1. Stitching several photos together maximises the resolution of your captures – quite obvious! Know what’s better then many pixels? […]

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Update #1

Hello guys, here are some minor updates: 1. Lady_SnipeShot hostet a Virtual Photography Competition on her dedicated Instagram– and Twitterchannels and Website Virtual World Photos. The theme was “Falling into Winter”. And what should I say? I won! I feel honored and were completely surprised, thank you! 2. I’m on Flickr now! Find me here. […]

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Composition: The Rule of Thirds

Hello guys! Today I want to tell you how I use and understand one of the simplest but most effective rules of composition: The rule of thirds. It’s a simplified version of the far more complicated and slightly different golden ratio. The Basics Imagine a grid that splits your image-to-take into thirds vertically AND horizontally. […]

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